Elizabeth Elaine Tavares

PhD Candidate and Instructor
Department of English
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I teach and conduct research on early modern English literature, especially Renaissance drama. My research interests include popular playing company repertories, audience cultures, Shakespeare and performance studies, as well as the theatre's history in the early modern period. My background in history and cultural studies has led to interdisciplinary interests in ecocriticism, digital humanities, and collaborative pedagogy.

Currently I am in the early writing stages of my dissertation project, tentatively titled “Theatrical Marketplace: Negotiating Pluralism in the Elizabethan Repertories, 1582–1594.” Its aim is to trace the competing visions of status cultivated by the late sixteenth century playing companies cultivated; a product of a uniquely diverse marketplace not seen in early modern England before or since, it is my assessment that this rich period evinces not an ambivalence toward but rather a nuanced polyphony of models for class distinctions for which the theatre proved an important site of experimentation.

You can find me blogging regularly on this and new projects, theatre, and other early modern topics at
BiteThumbnails: A Playgoer's Notebook and on twitter.