Elizabeth E. Tavares, Ph.D.


As an assistant professor in English at Pacific University, I work with students to develop close-reading skills, to recognize textual nuance, and to consider modes of reception. I have taught a range of courses and topics, from surveys of British literature and Shakespeare, to film production, first-year writing, and fiction seminars.
  • Current Courses
    • HUM 100: First-Year Seminar
      An introductory course for all majors, introducing students to college academic life and the skills needed for success with the support of a peer mentor.
      MWF 11:45 - 12:50PM, Berglund 147
      Click here for the syllabus and course website.
    • ENGL 340: Studies in Drama
      An advanced course for English majors exploring, in plays from a range of periods and perspectives, the ways in which performance constitutes an environmental act.
      MWF 10:30 - 11:35AM, Berglund 232
      Click here for the syllabus and course website.
  • Upcoming Courses
    • ENGL 201: Expository Writing
      Description and links forthcoming.
    • ENGL 223: Magical Realism
      Description and links forthcoming.
    • ENGL 323: Shakespeare, Text, Performance
      Description and links forthcoming.
  • Past Courses
    • Shakespeare and Performance
      A humanities introductory course for English majors, focusing on the conjunction of dramatic rhetoric with original performance practices.
    • An Introduction to Fiction
      An advanced composition course for non-English majors, focusing on the genre of Magical Realism in order to investigate the division between fiction and non-fiction and as a locus for developing analytical writing skills.
    • An Introduction to Film
      A humanities core course for non-English majors, surveying the technical, historical, and analytical fundamentals of film.
    • British Literature to 1798
      A humanities introductory course for English majors, surveying British literary history from the medieval period through the eighteenth century.
    • Research and Writing
      An introductory composition course for all majors, focusing on fundamentals of college-level composition, rhetoric, and research practices.